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Let's Work!



Here are the benefits of us working together


Increase self-awareness, accountability, and clarity

Ability make decisions and take action in alignment with what you desire instead of feeling overwhelmed

Develop the courage, motivation, inspiration, and discipline to achieve your goals

Ability to build better relationships

Build resilience and increase ability to effectively manage challenges and change

Increase sense of confidence and self-trust, and be comfortable stepping outside your comfort zone.

More accepting of self, others, and the eb and flow of life

Ability to set and maintain healthy boundaries and to express needs

Ability to shift your perspective or reframe a thought to better align with how you desire to feel or a desired outcome

Increase ability to identify and regulate emotions

Increase ability to emotionally connect with others and take into consideration their feelings, concerns, and perspectives

Gain closure, move forward, and find resolve with old issues

Develop a more positive mindset

Nigel Brown

"My experience with Tesa was more than I expected.  She's not the "cookie cutter" advisor that I've experienced over the years.  She listens with an ear that is very hard to describe but very easy to experience.  Usually, when you meet life coaches, you feel pressure to have it all figured out. I never felt that way with Tesa. She allowed every thought to breathe, which is crucial. Experiencing Tesa is spiritual, and her feedback is soft, thought-provoking, but not judgmental.  She reflects instead of projects her opinion, which helped me to fill in the gaps. Which made me excited to continue our dialog. I highly recommend that you give Tesa access to your journey."

New to Coaching?

Take the first step, and book a discovery call so we can determine if we're the right fit to work together.

45 min | Zoom | Free

1:1 Coaching

In this session we will work together to transform your life as you develop personal awareness, overcome limiting beliefs and obstacles, gain clarity, set goals, and increase your confidence so you can journey forward with the ability to shift your mindset and implement effective strategies to create a life you love.

60 min | Zoom | $150